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Anonymous asked:
what do you make your gifs with?

Photoshop CS5.

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Anonymous asked:
When will you post the next chapter of the vicious one? I´m dying to know what will happen next!

I honestly don’t know, love. I’ve been working my ass off to catch up with school this year and I won’t have much time or energy to write before summer which is in like two months. Sorry, honey, though thank you so much for your interest! I truly appreciate it!

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Anonymous asked:
I love you all your gifs, would it also be possible if you could do Nolan Gerard Funk gifs :) Pretty please

Thank you, hon, that’s really sweet! I will open up for requests this summer, love, I will not be able to make any gifs before then because of exams and such. If you come back and request when I open for requests, I’ll make some for you.

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Leven Rambin gifs ✧ Part 2 ✧ Download

108 gifs of Leven Rambin in various photoshoots.

(Maxim, Nylon, Tyler Shields, Vanity Fair, Seventeen Magazine, People)


  • Like/reblog if you take.
  • Do not use in gif hunts.
  • Do not claim as your own.

- If I do discover you use the gifs in a way which strides against the rules, it won’t be pretty.
- Made by me for roleplaying purposes.
- Enjoy!

Anonymous asked:
Your blog is amazing <3 also what quote do you live by?

Thanks, hon! That’s a real difficult question you’ve got there, it changes everyday, aha. But a constant one will be ‘if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything’ I guess. I’m in love with that one for sure.

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Baby, can you pass me the video of this gifs?? Please! post/45446836919 Thank you, xoxo <3

Here you go, babe! You’re welcome xx

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Hey I was wondering do you have a link to that video of Alexander taking his shirt off?

Here, lovely!

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